City of Melbourne, Arkansas

Recycling Program

The City of Melbourne has implemented a comprehensive recycling program
to collect aluminum, metal cans, plastics, paper and cardboard.

The collection site is located at 300 Circle Drive, next to the Izard County Sheriff's Office off Hwy 9 Spur.

Collection dates are Tuesday and Saturday afternoons from noon-4pm.

  Items you can drop-off:

> Aluminum -  beverage cans only (crushed cans preferred).

> Metal Cans - food, beverage and juice cans.  Empty foods and liquid and
rinse thoroughly.  OK to Leave labels on.  (No paint cans or oil cans.)

> Plastics - Soft Drink bottles, milk jugs, detergent bottles, etc.
Containers MUST have #1 or #2 inside the triangle on the bottom.  No
paint, oil, chemical (pesticide or herbicide) plastics.

> Paper - newspapers, magazines, phone books, paper, junk mail.  Please
keep paper dry!

> Cardboard - Boxes, dry food boxes, shoe boxes, etc.  Flatten all boxes.
Pizza delivery boxes are OK but no wax-coated or frozen food boxes.

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