Mayor:  Mike Cone, PO Box 800, Melbourne  AR  72556              
City Attorney:  Jim Short, PO Box 988, Salem  AR  72576
Treasurer/Recorder:  Alecia Bray
Water Supt: 
Street Supt:  Chris Moser
Fire Chief:  Jared Humphrey
​ Office Manager - Bridget McSpadden
Office Assistant - Ashley Churchman
Permits - Jason Miller
Animal Control - Jason Miller

The Melbourne City Council meets on the third Monday of each month at 5:30 pm. at City Hall.
Council Member-Ward 1, Position 1: Nina Wright, Box 401
Council Member-Ward 1, Position 2: Gary Teague
Council Member-Ward 2, Position 1: Laura Sipe, Box 235
Council Member-Ward 2, Position 2: Ronald D. Treat, Box 524
Council Member-Ward 3, Position 1: Jerry Crosby, 108 Crosby Lane
Council Member-Ward 3, Position 2: Lee Melton, Box 824
Council Member-Ward 4, Position 1:
Council Member-Ward 4, Position 2:

Trey Lamb, Box 814; Susan Smith, Box 271; Robert Cooper, Box 646; Eric Bray, 505 College; Brad Sipe, Box 235

​ To schedule items for the planning/zoning commission, contact City Hall at 870-368-4215.

Matt Rush-Chair
For information about MIDC and economic development opportunities for Melbourne, contact City Hall at 870-368-4215.

MELBOURNE MUNICIPAL AIRPORT COMMISSION: Mark Herrington, Joey Clairday, Ken Clark, Greg Asberry, Don Johnson. Carla Smith, Clint Jackson, Chris Emerson, Hayden Wyatt.

For more details about the airport commission meetings, contact City Hall at 870-368-4215.

City Officials