Mayor:  Mike Cone, PO Box 800, Melbourne  AR  72556              
City Attorney:  Jim Short, PO Box 988, Salem  AR  72576
Treasurer/Recorder:  Alecia Bray
Water Supt: 
Street Supt:  Chris Moser
Fire Chief:  Jared Humphrey
​ Office Manager - Bridget McSpadden
Office Assistant - Ashley Churchman
Permits - Jason Miller
Animal Control - Jason Miller

The Melbourne City Council meets on the third Monday of each month at 5:30 pm. at City Hall.
Council Member-Ward 1, Position 1: Nina Wright, Box 401
Council Member-Ward 1, Position 2: Gary Teague
Council Member-Ward 2, Position 1: Laura Sipe, Box 235
Council Member-Ward 2, Position 2: Ronald D. Treat, Box 524
Council Member-Ward 3, Position 1: Jerry Crosby, 108 Crosby Lane
Council Member-Ward 3, Position 2: Lee Melton, Box 824
Council Member-Ward 4, Position 1:
Council Member-Ward 4, Position 2:

Trey Lamb, Box 814; Susan Smith, Box 271; Robert Cooper, Box 646; Eric Bray, 505 College; Brad Sipe, Box 235

​ To schedule items for the planning/zoning commission, contact City Hall at 870-368-4215.

Matt Rush-Chair
For information about the MIDC and economic development opportunities for Melbourne, contact City Hall at 870-368-4215.

Joey Clairday
Ken Clark
Greg Asberry
Don Johnson
Carla Smith
Clint Jackson

Chris Emerson
Hayden Wyatt

For more details about the airport commission meetings, contact City Hall at 870-368-4215.

City Officials